You never planned to have an addiction.

Addiction can sneak up on you so quickly. You never imagined that you would need something to help you make it through the day. But you are finding the only way to cope with the stress and anxiety is to reach for another bottle of pills or alcohol. You don’t want to feel the sadness, the rage and the tension that builds up and you don’t want to use anymore.

You try to stop using.

Everyone else around you makes it seem like it should be so easy. But every time you try, something happens and you relapse. Slowly relationships have crumbled and you find yourself more alone than ever before.

I help people, struggling with their addiction, who want a better life and to do something other than use to cope with their day. My clients find the courage to change, they discover their emotions are scary and something to be avoided and they learn they are more than an addict. Through addiction counseling and hypnotherapy, you can find the confidence and understanding you need to put the addiction down and pick your life back up.

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