Depression can take up your whole day.

You wake up telling yourself that today is going to be different.  You declare that today is the day you will tackle that “to-do” list,  call a friend and feel a little bit of happiness. Instead, every day is a constant battle to get out of bed and drag yourself to work. It takes all of your energy just get there, get home and then turn-on Netflix. In reality, you can’t even remember the last time you hung out with family or friends and enjoyed it.

You know you aren’t this person.

Deep inside there are things you love to do, people in your life who matter and a life that you used to really love. Once the depression crept in, it took over and now you would do anything to feel better.

I help people who have gone through rounds of depression and who need a different approach to ease their pain. Through psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, I help clients get unstuck from the sadness and remove the heavy cloak of their depression. I don’t believe you are ever too hopeless or too far gone. Recovery is always possible.  I can help you find the right way to release this burden from your life and to find yourself again.

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