Everyday you try to just let things go.

You want to feel connected to people and the world around you but the anxiety you experience makes it feel impossible. No matter what you do, you find it difficult to connect with family, friends or peers.

You find yourself being so careful in making sure that you take care of others.  Do you always go out of your way to do the “right” thing, but find that others aren’t reciprocating the same level of energy for you in your relationships.? The thoughts of criticism and frustration that bombard you day in and day out. What would it be like to not want to crawl out of your skin all of the time?  

I help driven and highly anxious people let go of the anxiety, anger, and frustration that is woven throughout their daily lives.

I use therapeutic tools such as meditation, heart-centered hypnotherapy and talk therapies. This allows my clients settle into their bodies and their minds with confidence and peace.

If you are done with letting anxiety take control and want to discover what it is like to be yourself without it,  click below to schedule your first appointment in my Ridgewood office.