Teenage years can be tough.

Lately the changes you have seen in your teen scare you. It feels like you are screaming at a blank wall. They come home, go to their room and barely mutter a response when you try to reach out. They still get good grades, but you only know that because you have access to school records. You don’t know their friends or what is happening in their social world.

You keep trying to connect with them.

You see your teen struggling, but everything you have tried to help has resulted in them pushing you further away. You fear there might be drugs or they might cutting. You feel unable to keep trying any longer and know it’s time to try something different, with someone who knows how to help teens and your family.

You need someone who can help break through to them.

I work with teens and their families to help them learn how to express themselves. Often the teens I work with are good at keeping everything in, but through our work together, they learn to talk, understand, and cope in healthier ways. In turn their parents regain a sense of confidence about their parenting and how to connect with their teen.